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Helping You Find Your Higher Ground With Custom & Individualized Business Coaching.

Our Focus



Motivation ebbs and flows but consistent effort gets the job done. We teach how consistency outpaces the myth of motivation and how to work forward even when our mind or body is tired and wary.



Having clear vision for yourself and your company is not inherent but it is a skill that can be taught. We coach you on best practices to create a clear vision for whats most important to reach your overall goals.



Thinking strategically comes from the skills you learn from failing. We teach you how strategize actions towards your goals without having to feel the pain of missing the mark you aimed for.



Being a leader is less about science and more about art. Each person’s leadership skills look different, because we are unique. We coach on how to realize your strengths and artfully apply them to leading in any situation.


Self Improvement

Improving yourself is naturally difficult as we can only see ourselves from one perspective. We teach you how to evaluate your habits, thoughts, and actions so they truly align with where you want to be.


Self Awareness

True self awareness stems from knowing the good and the bad about your working style, personality and defaults. Most people have an unbalanced view of themselves. We coach you how to recognize all of your traits and use them to your advantage.



Faking it until you make it mindset will only take you so far. You must learn where your confidence comes from to truly be able to harness it for good. We teach you long term solutions for imposter syndrome, self-sabotage and procrastination; all symptoms of misplaced confidence.


Soft Skills

Interpersonal skills are a necessity for advancement. Often times we overlook how our approach to clients and staff effects our ability to lead, make decisions and carve a path forward. We coach you how to interact effectively will all of the different personalities in your business and life.

We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

One-on-one / CEO Coaching

  • Dedicated individual coaching
  • Great for the business owner that wants to get to the next level of business.
  • Free top-level business assessment
  • 90 minute/week sessions tailored to your goals.
  • 6 week commitment minimum

Business Coaching

  • Consulting/Coaching program tailored to your business
  • Project based
  • Great for moving your business off of a plateau
  • Free business assessment
  • 4 week commitment minimum

Management Coaching

  • Free Management Assessment
  • Custom Coaching & Consulting for teams.
  • Great to reset mindset and streamline sales & management teams.
  • 6 week commitment minimum

Workshops & Seminars

  • Weekly Events
  • Speaking engagements
  • In person workshops
  • Virtual seminars
  • In- House trainings available on many topics

Twenty five years of small business ownership and entrepreneurial adventures have lead to many lessons and insights. My experience yields techniques to fast track your success. With my guidance you can reach your higher ground.

Don’t Delay,

What Clients Are Saying

“Erin’s out-of-the box thinking got me out of my same old same way of problem solving. She taught me and my staff how to see situations form 30,000 feet up. ”

John Danielson

“Erin and the Higher Ground team really worked with our sales and marketing departments to make one cohesive strategy that both departments have 100% buy-in on. She helped our managers see our business in a different light”

Michele Julian

“I’ve worked with other coaches and Erin’s approach is different. She really keeps you on track, peeling away the layers, getting to the good stuff where the real progress happens.”

Greg Roberts

“After I lost my largest client, Erin helped me re-cap the whole situation so we could create processes to prevent that from ever happening again. My entire company feels confident where we are headed with our new systems in place.”

Gary Oliver